What does the word Amway mean? Amway is an abbreviation for "American Way" and was coined in 1959 by company founders, Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Short, unique and easy to remember, Amway has been registered as a corporate name and trademark ever since.

The Amway Philippines, L.L.C. Independent Business Owner (IBO) Application Form is the binding legal document or contract between IBO and the company. The IBO Application Form, if fully filled up and signed by the applicant, and accepted and confirmed by Amway Philippines, L.L.C. (hereinafter referred to as Amway Philippines) is subject to the terms and conditions stated at the back of the application form and other existing guidelines that may be issued by company. Amway Philippines reserves the right to deny acceptance and refuse to process the application if the information required is incomplete, inaccurate or misleading.

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» April.08.2008

Amway Philippines sets up Brand Experience Center
With the introduction of a lot of new...

» Mar.05.2008

Amway Asia Cruise
More than a hundred top performers among Amway's over 40,000 Independent Business Owners (IBOs) were treated to a 5-day Asian Cruise by Amway Philippines during the recent Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS).

» Jan.25.2008

Amway IBOs cited by the direct-selling industry
Two couple achievers from thousands of Amway's Independent Business Owners (IBOs) received recognition from the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) for their outstanding...